Company History

Peak Acceptance LLC (“Peak” or “the Company”) was founded in March 2008 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Peak provides auto finance solutions through auto dealers across the United States. Peak purchases retail installment contracts from automobile dealers, maintains dealer relationships, and manages the interface with third party servicing.

The history of Peak’s business plan, platform design and operations began with a reunion of the core managers that started Summit Acceptance in 1993, who committed to launching Peak. The Company commenced operations in August of 2009.

The key to our ongoing success is absolute adherence to sound underwriting principles, strict due diligence with regard to direct verification of consumer information, a well managed collection effort and finally, a genuine commitment and regard for the investors with respect to portfolio performance and return on investment.

Mission Statement

Peak’s mission is to provide outstanding service in financing affordable transportation for consumers across the credit spectrum, while building long term business partnerships with our dealer customers and investors.


Peak built its business and created a work environment based on three key principles: integrity, commitment, and personal ownership.

Respect for others, compassion and character will guide all we do. Value others opinions and listen to ensure we understand their views. Execute and deliver on promises we make. Be honest and forthright in every circumstance.

Constantly challenge ourselves to improve our service. Look for efficiency gains, and dare to be innovative. Never ask if anything that needs doing is your responsibility, know that it is. Exhibit a work ethic that inspires others to attain higher levels of achievement.

Personal Ownership
Approach every day and every contact as if you owned the company – what is best for the customer and investor? Know that relationships are the engine that drives our business and always have. Develop long lasting partnerships with our dealer customers and offer mutually beneficial solutions to each situation.